"Hello! My name is Abi May. I live in Elgin, IL with my husband Tim and two children Myles and Ellie. My whole life I’ve always had a passion for art. At a young age I loved to draw and paint and when I entered college I started to fall in love with photography. When I started taking photos it was mostly of nature, then portraits, and weddings soon after.  What started as a hobby naturally turned into a career where I not only get to do something I love but get to use my talents to share my passion with others.I think taking photos allows you to freeze beautiful moments in time that let you reflect back on your life to a memory that meant something so special to you. Getting to be part of an engagement session or a wedding is such an honor and exciting thing for me to take part in. One of my favorite things to photograph during a wedding is the decorations. So much time, thought, and effort has been put into these details and they should never go unnoticed. And, of course, taking photos of the bride and groom right after the ceremony has finished! You can always see the pure love and joy in the couple’s eyes and capturing that moment is beautiful. I can’t wait to meet you and be part of your amazing day!"
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