After our wedding Lisa and I looked back over our biggest day of celebration and saw an opportunity. We wanted to give brides everything necessary to have a stress-free, joy-filled day without having to worry about the little details. We wanted to provide the absolute best for other couples.

So this newlywed couple took hold of each other and began a new company. One founded on peace and joy, on blessing and integrity, and on representing something bigger than either one of themselves.


Over the past 20 years we’ve seen some incredible changes. Shortly after we got married we brought home our first, furry child. Our Golden Retriever Charlie. A few years later our daughter Anya was born. We new from day one that she was going to be strong and beautiful and have an amazing servant’s heart. This baby girl has grown into an amazing child whose strength and determination will push her to great things. Two years later our son Oliver joined us. He is all boy and builds things so he can smash them. But for all his rowdy boyishness he is gentle with the people in his life. His love for his family, music, and friends grounds him. As a family we have experienced loss and tragedy, blessing and unparalleled joy, and we have given and received more mercy and grace than we can explain.

Over the past 17 years our company has grown alongside our family. What started out as a part-time husband and wife DJ company has become something much bigger. For a number of years we were blessed as our company provided the opportunity for Lisa to stay at home and raise & home school our kids. Eventually we met Jordan and he joined us as a second DJ. We continued to book more weddings each year. Finally we felt like the purpose of our company was finally shown to us. Most companies chase the money, but we chase the heart. We want to be a blessing to all those we encounter. We want to bless our team, our brides & grooms, and all the guests at every event we attend. We want to bring peace and joy. Each person on our team loves what they do and you’ll never catch us complaining! We are blessed to do this and we are blessed to be part of your special day!