What is an Event Coordinator?

An event coordinator can mean the difference between going to a party and managing a massive, complex social event. Nobody wants to manage a team of vendors (each with their own agenda) plus a room full of guests & wedding party members. Let your own personal coordinator take care of the details so you can show up and actually enjoy your wedding day!


Wedding Coordinator - Jessica Acevedo

Jessica Acevedo

Jessica is the over achieving, organized and lovable woman you want by your side on your special day! With a degree in business communication you’ll find her communication with bridal parties and guests is unparalleled. Jess has extended experience in event planning. Previously she has toured with production companies for enormous nation wide showings as the assistant tour manager. Now Jessica has settled into wedding coordinating after marrying the love of her life, having her son and wanting to be more rooted at home. Brides and Grooms love her so much that they tend to keep the relationship going after the wedding because they say she “feels like family!” If you want every detail just right and to glide from one moment to the next, then Jessica is your girl! She will ensure any hiccups in your day will go unnoticed and she will seamlessly care for you and the details every step of the way so you can blissfully say I do and dance the night away!

Wedding Coordinator - Chelsea Payauys

Chelsea Payauys

Chelsea excels in communication and organization and has lots of experience leading and directing teams of people. You can count on her to take into account all the details that go into planning your wedding day! She has an exuberant personality that flows into the professionalism of her work. You'll be rest assured on your big day that everything will be taken care of under Chelsea's thorough eye!

Wedding Coordinator - Josh Nilsson

Josh Nilsson

Josh has been involved in productions for years. Whether it’s in theatre, weddings or events he has a keen eye for detail and a heart to serve. His organizational skills will ensure that every detail for your wedding is covered and he is always willing to lend a hand however he can. He has a love for people and it shows in all he does. His ability to see the big picture and then break it down into achievable tasks is what makes him so highly requested. Allow Josh to be a blessing to you and let go of the stress of wedding planning!

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